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Dress Code

Dress Code



Parents, teachers and school officials have agreed that school uniforms are a positive way to increase school safety, reduce discipline problems and increase academic learning.  Our uniform policy is an important part of our overall goal to maintain standards of excellence for students.  It is the vision of the staff and uniform committee that all students participate in the uniform program to promote professionalism and school safety, enhance the learning environment and maintain consistency throughout the campus.


Some benefits of the VMSA Dress for Success policy include:

·         Academic Excellence - creates a positive, business-like atmosphere on campus allowing students to focus on academics and concentrate on their school work

·         Safety – clearly identifies those who belong on campus and distinguishes students when walking to and from school

·         Social Development – helps students resist peer pressure and fosters social equality

·         Respect – demonstrates respect for school and learning

·         Pride – instills school pride/spirit in students


Valadez Middle School Academy has adopted the following dress code for all students:





Polo-style collared shirts

(with or without school logo)

navy blue or white solid colored

An additional shirt may be worn UNDER the uniform shirt.


pants, skirts, capris or shorts

navy blue or black

NO jeans, denim or stretchy Spandex leggings.


jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts

(with or without school logo)

navy blue, black, white or gray solid colored


Other Shirts

approved spirit, club or class shirts


May be worn with blue, denim jeans on FRIDAYS only.




Clothing/Apparel that causes undue attention or distraction from the educational process including:

·         Tight/revealing clothes

·         See-through blouses/shirts

·         Low cut pants

·         Exposed undergarments

·         Shorts shorter than a student’s fingertips in length

·         Long t-shirts

·         Holes, slits or splits in clothes

·         Slippers or flip-flops (Sandals must have a back strap.)

·         Extremes in hair style (i.e. mohawks taller than 2”), hair color (natural hair colors only) or makeup (i.e. facial paints, stick-ons, excessive eye make-up, etc)

·         Extreme jewelry


Clothing/apparel which is considered dangerous, a health hazard or associated with gangs/illegal activities:

·         Excessively baggy or loose clothing

·         Belt buckles with any letters or inappropriate designs

·         Hats or caps (only hats/caps with Valadez logo permitted)

·         Jewelry that is determined to be unsafe (i.e. spiked earrings, studded jewelry, etc.)

·         Bandanas or chains



·         Students are to wear school uniforms at all times while on campus and at all school events unless otherwise approved by VMSA administration.

·         All clothing must be clean, in good repair and worn in good taste.

·         Students who come to school inappropriately dressed will be required to change into school loaned clothing and disciplinary action may be taken.